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Due to the high rise in property losses and scam, we pride ourselves as the solution to preventing real estate and property development losses. We are FloraHomes Global Consult Limited, a Property Verification, Real Estate and Property Development Company.

DO NOT make the MISTAKE of assuming that Estates don't need to be verified or that Verification is all about taking a surveyor to your property to pick coordinate and then charting it. You can even do that yourself through our video tutorial whose access is shared on this page. Surveyor charting is just the first step!
Mere Charting of property can't confirm the actual owner of land.

  • It can't detect property dispute.
  • It can't spot fake documents.
  • It can't tell you if a future regional road passes through the land e.t.c

Either for your existing property or the one you just want to buy… For LAND or for BUILDING?

You have to confirm if it's free from any future demolition, encumbrance, 3rd party claimants or disputes of any kind.


Let our property experts which include Land Surveyors, Property Lawyers, Real Estate Surveyors, Town Planners, Civil Engineer and Researchers help you with your existing or aspiring propyerty's diligence.


This involves confirming if the land ( either unbuilt or built) is free from any government commitment.

  • Physical land inspection with our land experts for charting data and other research.
  • Correlating the document data with the actual site location data.
  • Competitive analysis of similar adjoining Properties
  • Coordinate Charting at Surveyor General's office for updated information.

This involves confirming the genuity of the acclaimed property title, checking for debt, encumbrances or dispute of any kind, as well as confirming the real ownership of the said property.

  • A comprehensive examination of all documents.
  • Confirming other government Property requirements.
  • Authentication of the claimed title.
  • Authenticating the property ownership.
  • Unveiling any possible third-party ownership claims.
  • Unraveling the property history.
  • Validation of taxes or collateral issues.
  • Confirming any internal dispute.
  • Presentation of Report at the end of the exercise.

All documents regarding building regulation are vetted, land uses that ensure structures are fixed according to regulated plans and the structure is vetted to ascertain that there's no structural weaknesses than may lead to collapse meeting all standard on futuristic investment. Contradicting this plans usually lead to demolition, collapse, eviction or paying penalfee.

  • Confirming all documents in relation to the structure.
  • Ensure interest land use tally with existing use.
  • Confirming the site plan is in conformity with approved layout plan.
  • Confirming all planning tallies with the state master plan.
  • Examining the Structural state of the interest building.


  • We're insured.
  • We let only qualified landed property professionals handle the assignment.
  • You have time to face other stuff that matters to you.
  • Your work is done timely and efficiently
  • You can engage this service from any location in the world.
  • We ensure optimal privacy and confidentiality in our delivery to the client.
  • Our trained workforce delivers truthfully and competently

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PS: In a case where the client does not know the actual size of the land or the confirmed size after our company visit is different from the stated size, client will be billed based on the confirmed land size. Also, information will be based on confirmed site report.