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Due to the prevalent “avoidable” demolition, loss of property and scams, our property experts which include Land Surveyor, Property Lawyer, Real Estate Surveyor, Town Planner and Researcher usually take every Properties through our 9 investment checklist on behalf of our client

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This is necessary to prevent any future demolition, encroachment, 3rd party claimant or misery seller occurrence.

Do read our terms of operation and feel free to ask any question in case you need any clarification.



  1. You, the client, should have clear photocopy of the property documents OR client must be able to get the document when our team request for it OR client must be able to link us up to carry on directly with the developer company on his/her behalf.
  2. Client should be willing to make us represent him/her with the developing company for site inspection otherwise, client should be willing to go for the inspection with us.

Our Verification service comes in two stages:

A. Status Verification (SV) –

  • Physical land inspection with our land experts for charting data and other research.
  • Correlating the document data with the actual site location data.
  • Competitive analysis of similar adjoining Properties
  • Coordinate Charting at surveyor General office for updated info.

Service cost is N50,000
Additional fees apply to properties valued at N50m above.

B. Title and Ownership Validation (TOV) –

Majority of recorded scam are not because the land isn’t good to buy, rather it’s because or many Document swapping and ownership impersonation.

This Stages involves:

  • Comprehensive examination of all documents
  • Confirming other government Property requirements
  • Authentication of the claimed title.
  • Unveiling any possible third party ownership claims.
  • Unraveling the property history.
  • Validation of taxes or collateral issues
  • Confirming any internal dispute.
  • Presentation  of Report at the end of the exercise.
  • Service cost is N150,000.
  • Additional fees apply to properties valued at N50m and above.

3. Payment must be made at least 4 working days before site visit schedule. This is to afford us the necessary preparation for a diligent work.

4. The job will be delivered within 7-14 working days from the day of payment acknowledgement.

5. To engage our Verification service, kindly click here to fill the form.

6. After filling the form, the client must receive a go ahead message from us first before making any payment.

7. Please do not make any payment until you’ve received our invoice sent to you. Ensure you confirm the account details correlates with the one down the page on this document.

8. For those who might have any difficulty making transfer or going for bank deposit, you can also use your card to pay from any part of the world using this link

However, an extra fee is attracted for using this service. Please contact our customer support number on this document for further details regarding card payment.

9. After payment, you need to fill the payment confirmation form.

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If you’re in diaspora and there could be a delay, please send us a personal message to know how to help.

Contact our support for questions and clarifications: Verification Line (WhatsApp, Call) is +2348094442019 and Mail is  [email protected]

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