Ehen, the last time out I talked about the importance of getting a survey plan and its relevance in your property investment process. Remember I also mentioned that the perimeter survey plan serves two (2) basic functions;
1. It is the most ideal identity for your land and Should be attached to your title documents.
2. It is the basis on which the architect prepares a working drawing for the eventual building project.

Need I stress here that as important your ID card is to your personality so also is the survey plan to a parcel of land. A genuine survey plan is expected to have a CONTROL COPY or RED COPY that must have been lodged at the office of the surveyor general.
Well get this straight… a lot of FAKE survey plans are floating around and have effectively deterred the success of property investment in this country. So the big question then is;
“How can you identify a fake survey plan so that you don’t fall victim?”
But first… let’s talk about how fake surveys can adversely affect your property investment.

Below are 4 horrible outcomes of dealing with a fake survey;

  1. You are deceived into buying a government acquisition property thinking that it is free based on the misleading information on such survey plans. Note that these wrong information are not easily detectable.
  2. Your purchase may not be as big as claimed. For example, you would have fully paid for a standard plot of land when in fact what you get is like 20% lesser in size i.e. paying for 648sqm as on a survey plan but getting only 519.4sqm of physical land.
  3. You may or will never be able to perfect your title over the land you have spent your precious savings on and government or any other person can come anytime to forcefully claim it from you!
  4. Such fake survey plan will definitely have a compounding negative effect on the reliability of the eventual building plan. For example; improper building orientation, small walk area and parking space, choked setbacks etc.

Fake Survey Plans are mostly products of dubious surveyor assistants and land owners who are so desperate to make money out of you that they can go any length and the only remedy for you to avoid falling into this scam is to pay close attention to details.

I remain,
Omotosho Nurudeen
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NB: In my next post, I’ll be sharing the key elements for you to identify and differentiate a genuine survey plan from mere scam.
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