Alright, I promised to share some key elements to identify genuine and reliable survey plans from scams! Well here are 9 VERY IMPORTANT items you should always watch out for in survey plans. Any manipulation or mistakes in these can render such plan as fake and useless…

1) First on the list is the NAME which appears at the topmost of the plan. You need to always look out for spelling errors as this can effectively nullify the whole survey plan. Imagine a name spelt “MR. AYOOLA FASEUN” instead of “MR. AYOOLA FASHEUN”, There could even be another person who spells his as the former. So you can tell me what could possibly happen here!
2) Always lookout for the address on the survey plan because a lot of dubious practices happen in this regard. An address needs be precise except where the area in question is undeveloped and does not have a layout yet. In this case, adjourning communities should be referred. For example, an address that reads “AT IGANDO” is no address and should better be “AT EGAN WITHIN IGANDO, ALIMOSHO LGA.”
3) The LAND SIZE described as *AREA* on the survey plan is another element to take close note of. As a potential property investor, you need to get yourself familiar with the basics about this because you can either be short changed or fraudulently gifted with extra couple of square meters on paper to make land look larger than actual.
4 & 5) Land Surveying is a professional job and will only be approved by the relevant government admin office when SIGNED and SEALED by a qualified and registered professional land surveyor. While the signature serves as proof of authenticity by the practicing surveyor, the seal carries his full name and registration number to trace where it was originally produced. You should therefore always look out for these!
6) Beacons are small cubic stones affixed into the ground at the boundary points of a parcel of land. Joining lines between these points form the boundary (or perimeter) of such land on which fence can be built to demarcate the land from adjourning plots. Every beacon number obtainable only by a registered land surveyor from the Nigerian Institute of Surveyors (NIS).
Always ensure that your beacons (with their numbers as shown on your survey plan) are fixed onsite and are not removed at any time.
7) Every survey plan should normally carry the “date” on which they were prepared. Unfortunately, some deceitfully backdate their survey plans in other to cover defects from the notice of unsuspecting prospective buyers. The danger here is that such practice will make processing you document perfection difficult. The land could even be another person’s property which the purported sellers are attempting to sell to you.
8) A perimeter survey without a PLAN NUMBER is next to useless because such a plan is nor traceable to any where. A deed of assignment can not be drafted this kind of plan neither can it be used as evidence in court in a case of dispute. The survey without a plan number is as useless as my 2 year old baby’s drawings.
9) Lastly, always look out for the “FREE FROM ACQUISITION” stamp on any survey plan presented to you as this should normally imply that the land in question is not a government acquisition land. However, some survey plan may carry this plan and in fact be under government acquisition. Obviously the handy work of the greedy and fraudulent who intends to scam the unsuspecting investor.
As I have emphasized in my last Post, a lot of scam techniques are out their and the simple remedy to mitigate against them is “ATTENTION TO DETAILS”. You are also better positioned working with a trusted and competent hand. Take notice before you fall victim!!!

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Omotosho Nurudeen
For: Flora Homes Global Consult.