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This is unlike anything you've seen in the Nigeria real estate market. So you better pay a rapt attention to every piece of information on this page before downloading the book so that you can know exactly how to use it.

If you don't want to throw your money away or spend the next several months in Police Stations and courts trying to get it back (that's if you can), then learn

The Exact Checklists Wise Real Estate Investors Are Consulting Before They Spend Even One Kobo On Buying Property Anywhere In Nigeria.

Follow every single one of these checklists, and you will invest with peace of mind and sleep well at night.

Dear Friend,

As a property verification and real estate investment company with over a decade experience in verification, acquisition, development, investment advisory and having worked with both state and federal stakeholders in property matters, hear this important message.

If you're planning to buy real estate, we are going to slaughter a sacred cow here and make a bold statement: that money you want to spend may get lost.

Why do we say so?

Do you ever wonder why even estates are being demolished and also being a subject of disputes? Or do you think this is none of your business?

It's closer home than you think!

So many individuals and developer companies are victims of real estate scam and losses already while some don't know about their impending losses yet. This is why we are determined to make property scam and other losses come to an end while also exposing profitable options.

For this reason, we have distilled a checklist of property investment guides that you must employ and put to use BEFORE you pay anybody for the property you want to buy, whether it's land or a house and whether it's with Omo-Onile or an estate developer company.

We'll be handing you what is considered to be the perfect and total solution for buying any property in Nigeria in this easy-to-read guide that you'll likely want to read from cover-to-cover in one sitting.

This guide covers the exact steps on how to avoid property investment mistakes by yourself, and the 11-point checklist you must cover to make a stress-free, wahala-free, argument-free and court case-free property investment deal - EXACTLY what you need to do to build huge wealth in real estate.

The good news is that it's an ebook that you can download and read from any location you are currently in: within Nigeria or in diaspora.


About The Time-Tested Checklist to Making ZERO MISTAKE When Buying Real Estate Anywhere In Nigeria

Put together by a team of landed property professionals with years of experience in property investment including Land Surveyors, Estate Surveyors, Town Planners, Property Lawyers, Quantity Surveyors, Architects, Civil Engineers, and Researchers.

Here's Exactly What You'll Learn Inside this 80 pages book:

  • A 2,500-year-old Latin maxim that if you follow will secure every landed property you buy 100%.
  • The first thing you must do BEFORE YOU BUY any property
  • How to confirm the coordinates of any land that sellers show you using just your mobile phone.
  • How to know if a genuine document sent to you correlates with the actual physical location where you will be buying from.
  • If you have an existing property, how to know if your property is free or not from any future Government demolition, 3rd party claimants, eviction and what to do in either case.
  • How to check the professionalism and authenticity of any company or the agents you're buying from.
  • The four fake land titles that are used to scam unsuspecting land investors
  • How to instantly identify if a property document is fake… or real
  • Some of the costly real estate mistakes and how to avoid them
  • When you hear “Global ‘C of O’” what does it mean. You’ll find the real meaning inside
  • How to confirm the authenticity of land coordinates picked using your phone (Do this always)
  • Are you buying property for residential purposes in an area designated for farming? Learn how to find out this critical information.
  • Where and how to confirm land titles and collateral issues.
  • How to avoid buying land that is entangled in family or legal dispute.
  • How to check for and identify property structural defects and flooding issues.
  • How to know if a property of interest will be subject to future demolition or not.
  • What to do BEFORE payment, DURING payment, and AFTER payment for any property you want to and indeed buy.
  • Simple mobile-phone property apps to ensure the safety of your investment
  • And lots more!

REASON: No one gets saved just by having access to information, only reading it without delay can expose some hidden pits dug at different angles for you either as an investor or as someone who works with investors.

Also, if you're NOT getting this book now, then sorry! it might be deactivated any time soon.

The government makes tons of billions off you annually simply because you don't know but you think you know.

Not just the governments, some others too. Some are done unintentionally while some are doing it simply because that's what the crowd wants.

Investors unknowingly keep losing billions of Naira annually while enriching the scammers, the governments and other ignorant participants because

1- You do not have the right information.

2- Some investors are arrogant to the truth.

3- When you see the right information, you complain that it's costly and so you choose to gamble your real estate decision with words like "I trust him", "she was recommended", "I have someone in the ministry"...

4- You are fortunate to get the right information, but you won't read immediately, you keep proving busy until regret happens.

We don't have a word with you if you belong to the category 2. We only have talks with the group 3 and 4 above because nobody has the excuse of being in category 1 after being blessed to be reading on this page right now.

When you download this book and keep it like it's a golden gift from your great grandpa, instead of opening it immediately to see the secrets revealed, how exactly does procrastinating on reading it save you from falling into the next web of trap?

And as for those who will ignore this information like "don't mind them jare, they just want to make money off us ni"

Our response to you: YOUR CHOICE. We wish you happy going. Some things will be clearer to you later in life.

We had been victims of losses ourselves before we set up our company as Nigeria's foremost property verification company working with all property professionals and all government offices relating to property matters across every state in Nigeria.

Why do you think those who know us amongst individual investors, property buyers, developers, organisations and even realtors always choose us for their property verification?

Simply because we know our onions no be by mouth.
But not to worry, this is also why we can beat our chest and offer you a 30-day money-back guarantee in case you're afraid this book might not worth it. Yes, no stress, we will give you back your money if you don't find the book worthy.

One other thing we think you should know is that the money made through the sales of this book is diverted into creating more awareness to save you, your family, your neighbours, your friends, your colleagues, from being victims of property losses.

Again, If you didn't meet what has been promised, you have 30 Days Money-Back Guarantee to request for your money at 100% refund, you have nothing to lose. Just send mail to whenever you are ready.



Almost everyone knows about buying land in one remote estate or just somewhere for speculation so that it can appreciate in value over the years…

Almost everyone knows about buying a home or developing a building by themselves within a growing area in order to earn rental income or even resell the property at a profit…

What many don't know is the fact that these most popular methods are not where the real money is.

This is why our experts have put together a one of a kind practical information where just about any level of investor can make the unusual real estate money with is.


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  • It will save you millions of Naira in mistakes and thousands of hours in headache.

Who's This Book For?

  • Everyone who intends to buy property.
  • Every property stakeholders
  • Everyone who aspires to own property one day.
  • Everyone who already owns property
  • Everyone who markets real estate and property investments
  • Every developer and real estate company.
  • Everyone who's just interested in the right real estate practices.
  • Anyone who wishes to protect their family and friends from falling into real estate scam.

  • Will You Get Your Copy Now Or Will you sit on the fence, doubting and calling it expensive despite being given a money-back guarantee?



If we're to judge by the feedback, results, and efficiency through this ebook, it would cost a fortune to get. Our mission is to make this book reach every household in order to keep protecting people from falling into property scams and losses.

  • eCOPY (Downloadable Copy)
  • Price NOW before it reverts to the original price
  • In Naira: N7,700 instead of N15,400
  • In Dollar: $20 instead of $40
If you're serious about getting futuristic investments for yourself or your clients and you don't have this book… then sorry and good bye. If you get this book and you don't read it immediately… Sorry!


DISCLAIMER: This information is part of the "Preventing Real Estate Losses" project By FloraHomes Global Consult Limited professional team. They're reliable and very valuable, created with utmost simplicity to educate and enlighten prospective and existing real estate investors as well as industry stakeholders on how not to fall into property loss of any kind. We specifically disclaim any liability that is incurred from the misuse, mis-interpretation or wrong application of this content and any other information found through any of our media outlets.

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