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REAL ESTATE REAL STORY; What A Man Can Do To Have A Different And Glorious Story.

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In our bid to make money where the money is, this 2018, we end up losing it all unknowingly.

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Though these stories are real, note that all the names of people being mentioned here are fiction and should never be taken against any real bearer you know nor taken against us.

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While Mr Laisi was packing the documents and gadgets lying on his office table in preparation for the closing hour after a very hectic business day, his phone vibrated…

At first, he swayed the phone aside as he was too tired to even be engaging in any discussion. He was not even aware of who was calling.

Phone rang the 5th time and he managed to pick It.

On the other side: Ha Mr Laisi thank God you finally picked o

Mr Laisi: Oh my God, could you believe I didn’t know it was you?


On the other end: Nah money matter o … that’s why I no give up until you picked it. In fact I was planning to give you 20missed calls or even call until your phone goes flat…
Both: laughing seriously like this.

On the other end: There’s a genuine land in my possession and the owner is in dire need of money.

Mr Laisi: You mean it’s a distress sale?

On the other end: Yes you get it. In fact it falls within the Alatise excision, it’s beside the road, the price of this plot is 1.5m , like half the price you’ll ordinarily get here…

Mr Laisi: Whao, that’s a great deal o. Even me now I’m so eager o. Anyway, expect me early morning tomorrow to come for inspection and coordinates picking.

On the other end:


(Changes tone from an excited one to a monotone) Ha Mr Laisi so which one is that again? You no trust your friend again? After all I know the kind of lands you deal in and I’ve told you all I’m sure of regarding this land.

Mr Laisi: haha “Ore ko to yen nah” (friend e no reach that level nah)

Nah my job I dey do, is it not just to wait till the morning and do my thing? What’s wrong in being double sure of something?

On the other end: nothing o. Ok I go wait but abeg “padi e” (an informal way to call someone your friend) no take long o.

Mr Laisi: sure, so talk to you later.

The next day, Mr Laisi did his thing and his findings contradicted what his friend had boldly told him.

This land had a sign of dispute on it (only someone trained in our work field can know this… muttered Mr Laisi)


It falls just outside the Alatise excision, in fact, it’s on the boundary. So anyone could assume this land could benefit from existing excision.

Mr Laisi told his friend to give him 1 month to conclude because he needed to buy time before he could summon calmness to tell him “he was lying despite being his friend”.

Coincidentally during that one month was when the government came to that area to demolish every houses and fence outside the Alatise excision including the dwarf fence on the said land.

This is reality.

So apparently, the owner is not a distress seller, he wanted to sell off when he’s aware of government notice to vacate the area.

These are what you need to do to avoid this as being your story.


1) Don’t just “trust” family and friend when it comes to property, they might not be aware too even though Mr Laisi’s friend was very aware of the issue of this land when confronted.

2) Hire a trusted Real Estate Company to do the inspection for you, don’t cut corners.
It’s better to pay a professional service charge than wailing at a million Naira loss.

3) They didn’t just demand for title, they went to the land to pick coordinates. This is their professional ethics because they’re familiar with the fact that even when you demand the title, they’ll send the general village title which will carry FREE LAND even when the land doesn’t fall within the free parcel.
Also, when there’s dispute, it’s by inspection you’ll get the best clue.

4) Before you leap on a cheap deal, do your research. Not all that glitters are gold. Ibeju-LEKKI land isn’t Ibafo land o.

Mr Laisi(thou not real name) is a staff of FloraHomes Global Consult.

Helping individuals and company to get the best verified property deals as well as providing real estate advisory and training to companies and groups of individuals.


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