Verified NON-Estate Properties

If buying specific non-estate land or building is what interest you either for Investment or for living purpose, our property acquisition team already do the work of and

Design, Build & Manage

Design, Build and Manage brings together our building team (Architect, Quantity Surveyor, Town Planner, Builder, Civil

Verification Services

Save yourself from demolition, 3rd party claimant, Scam and everything in between, by availing yourself of our verification services which bring together our field expert to help you know the status of the landed property you want to buy.

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Verified Estate Property

Verified Estate Property is where our property acquisition team already do the work of verifying different estates across different location using our 9 Investment checklist, in order to ensure the

Complete Property Buyer Service

Complete Buyer Service is where our team of property acquisition (estate surveyor, land surveyor, property lawyer, town planner, and Researcher) help

Sell My Property

Either it’s land or building you have, as long as your property fulfills the verification parameters that’ll be exercised by our verification team, then be sure we’ll sell your property for you to

Done-For-You Investment Packages

Our investment projects revolve around using investors money to finance  and execute only verified landed property project in