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Verification Services

Due to the prevalence of demolition, eviction, dispute and scam issues relating to landed properties, we set out to help individuals and corporate investors to verify and clear their subject of interest either before paying for the new found property or for already existing property against government acquisition...

Complete Property Buyer Service

Our property acquisition team is always available and ready to help prospective property buyers handle their property purchase from start to finish at 100% done-for-you either land or building, within Estate or with Omo-Onile, for individual or corporate large expanse across Nigeria....


With our experienced and ethically groomed team of property professionals, we pride ourselves at delivering a community based, green, smart, verified, authenticated and government approved/approvable planned out land parcels and homes in our own bonafide estates. With amenities such as home office, electricity, security ...


FOR DEVELOPERS, ORGANISATIONS AND OTHER INDIVIDUALS INTERESTED IN PURCHASING LARGE EXPANSE OF LAND. Here, our company sell-off part of our land that we had acquired through sponsorship projects, direct purchase, partnership etc in order to serve the developer companies, organisations and other individuals looking..


Our construction team that consist of Architects, Civil Engineers, Townplanners, Quantity Surveyors, Land Surveyors, Estate Surveyors etc and is always ready to help prospective property developers to handle their property development project from start to finish either for individual residence, multi-family condo, estates or city development across different states in Nigeria..


The Time-Tested Information to Making ZERO MISTAKE When Buying Real Estate Anywhere In Nigeria and EXACTLY what you need to do to build huge wealth in real estate. These books include the exact things you must do to make a stress-free, wahala-free, argument-free, and court case-free profitable property investment deal.


We offer both existing and aspiring real estate investors the opportunity to get clarification, high quality communication and experienced advice with our landed property experts...


This involves using investors' funds to finance land sponsorship projects (clearing, sand filling, documentation, road, bridges), Buying & Selling of lands, flipping, renovating to sell or lease, building development , selling of buildings, rentals. The company fully executes the project 100% while sharing the profit with the investors…

Sell My Property

We help individuals, groups, Omo-Onile, organisations to sell their properties after having verified them free from any issues, then these properties are recommended to our waiting list of customers both in Nigeria and in diaspora.


18 Real Estate Mistakes That Make People Lose Money In Property Investment.

Don't fall victim to landed property scam, demolition, third party claimant and other losses in Nigeria Real Estate.