The other time I was talking about the fact that sealed survey doesn’t guarantee the genuinety of a property, I remember someone commenting that that’s not possible.

Something happened yesterday from a trusted fellow and I was like… “All because of money?”

Before going on, this was my response on that day…

“This is our field, and if not because we don’t just jump on landed or monetary opportunities, I can assure you that many assistant surveyors usually come to our office with unverified survey plan but we only stamp the ones we verify while the ones rejected would be taken to their type of “surveyor”

Now back to the story…

I was introduced to a parcel of land in Ibeju-Lekki as an option for a client of mine who needed a large expanse to execute his proposed housing estate project. On the surface, the land looked on point; standard access road, life electric mains, a couple of on going housing projects as well as notable infrastructures like airport, seaport, etc. that are already ongoing in the axis… in short, a lot of promises that gives an edge to our proposed project. Good business isn’t it?

Excited with what I saw on inspection, I requested for a document and was given a survey plan duly signed by a registered surveyor… I was told by my contact that the land is covered under an existing excision so I wanted to see for myself but guess what I found out!

On charting the coordinate on the plan, I was confused whether to cry, get angered or laugh to what I saw!

E ma gba mi ke! What’s all this?

A supposed Ibeju-Lekki land “located” beside oniru in VI? Shoo! when did land begin to travel from one local government area to another nah?

At first, I thought I’d mistakenly inputted a wrong digit but after carefully typing a second time with same result, I was sure I had been handed a fake survey. Well, the registered surveyors signature does not make right the blunder on the survery plan.

Mehn believe me, some people will do just anything to get money be it legit or not. They don’t give a damn about the implication of their actions on anybody, all they’re after is that money entering into their account.

My advice: “Don’t get carried away by trusted recommendations or by the site of a survey plan signed by a registered surveyor with the FREE FROM ACQUISITION stamp WITHOUT VERIFYING IT VIA TRUSTED CONSULTANT! They could be mere paparazzi to get you scammed. Unfortunately, your agent may be ignorant of these too.”

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