Investing in property is great, but it’s easy to fall into scam unless you take necessary steps to the right Verification method. The very first and foundation of all these steps is physically picking Coordinates from the land you intend to buy.  My name is …, a researcher at FloraHomesGC and I will be showing you how you can easily pick coordinates by yourself using your android mobile phone even if you’re a total novice. At the end of this video tutorial, you’ll be able to;

  1. Know the importance of picking Coordinates
  2. Know exactly how to accurately pick coordinates using your mobile phone.
  3. Save yourself and others from the first stage of property losses/scam
  4. Educate others on this basics.
  1. Importance: When you want to acquire property, certain document is sent to you which include the survey of the property. Now on this survey sent to you lies the coordinates that represent the exact geographical points and location of this land or building on the globe. On a normal situation, a survey should do, but in today’s world, you’ll be shocked to know that most survey may carry the name of the same property and addresses, but the geo-location on it doesn’t even represent the property.

Hence, the need to send someone to pick coordinate for you or you do it by yourself so that it can be compared and correlated with whatever is on the survey. Please note that:

  1. This exercise only serves as the stepping stone to avoiding property investment loss.
  2. The exercise only gives a basis of determining the true status of the area where the subject landfalls. You will still need expert advice to guide you on the need for further relevant findings and making an investment decision.  
  3. The coordinates obtained are not 100% accurate. Also, there are differences in the level of accuracy from phones of different brands and even phone of the same brand but different versions.
  4. Dos and Don’ts: 
  5. Ensure that your phone location is turned on and set to “uses sources like WiFi, GPS, Mobile Networks and sensors to give improved accuracy.
  6. Choose a day with a clear sky. This is to ensure adequate communication with the satellites. Download the weather forecast app here so as to guide you in deciding on the best day to carry out this exercise.
  7. Don’t display yourself as someone who knows how to pick coordinate to the marketers or the developers selling the land.
  8. Avoid picking Coordinate under a tree or shade of the house. It has to be directly under the sky.
  9. Don’t just pick Coordinates at a point, move around the property expanse to pick random coordinates. E.g. 1➡️ If you have a plot of land, go round the plot to pick random points.

E.g. 2➡️ If you’re picking from an estate and you’re not sure of your actual allocation, pick at the front, and as you walk inside the estate, pick other random locations towards the 4 corners of the entire expanse.

  • Mobile topographer by S.F. Aplicality Ltd: used to pick Coordinatesmobile_topographer@fhgcltd
  • Weather & Widget Weawow: to check the clarity of sky ahead of your inspection day.

weawow_weather_app@fhgcltdBoth apps can be found on Google Playstore that comes with your Android phone.


Getting started: 

First is to configure your app. Go to the mobile topographer app setting by clicking the navigation bar at the top left corner mobile_topographer@fhgcltd

  • Ensure that Units is set to Meters
  • Click on Geodetic Reference System, scroll down and set it to Minna 2008 UTM/Z31-33 (Nigeria).
  • Click the back arrow at the top left corner to go back to the main screen and you’re set to start picking your coordinates.

Picking the coordinates

On the main screen of the app, click on “Surveymobile_topographer@fhgcltd This will take you to the screen below Click on the circle marked WGS 84 at the top left of your screen to change it to Minna08 UTMmobile_topographer@fhgcltd mobile_topographer@fhgcltd Please note: You must always change this circular WGS 84 to the rectangular Minna08 UTM at every time you’re opening the app.

  • Place your phone on the point you want to measure and wait for it to start reading.
  • Always give your device a reasonable time to fix the coordinates before saving or recording it.
  • Observe the accuracy measure reduce to the lowest (0.5m but anything between 2m and below is ok) then click on “Start accurate positioning”, another set of reading titled “Accurate Position” will display below. Observe the “accurate position reading” in the lower part on your screen.
  • At the lowest accuracy figure (0.5m but anything between 2m and below is ok), click “Stop increasing accuracy”, you will see the display colour of your lower reading change to black (Figure 8). The coordinate of your first point is fixed.


Saving the data


To save your coordinate, you will first have to label it. Click on “the note icon with + sign” at the lower part of your screen. A dialogue box will pop up, label your point and click on ” to save and continue (figure 9). mobile_topographer@fhgcltd


Always make sure to save each point you pick with a unique label to identify them.

  • Repeat steps “c-f” for every point you want to measure.

After having finished with picking all points, you can access all your saved coordinates by clicking “the note icon without the + sign” at the bottom right of your screen  (Figure 10). or points” on the main screen. mobile_topographer@fhgcltd mobile_topographer@fhgcltd This will take you to the list of all coordinates you have picked as shown in figure 12 below mobile_topographer@fhgcltd

Using the coordinates

The result gotten from this exercise is then sent to either of the 3 streams below for confirmation of status.

  1. The surveyor General office in case you know a trusted property expert right in that office.
  2. Or a trusted registered surveyor
  3. Or a property Verification company like ours.

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