About 2 years ago, I received a call from an old classmate briefing me on a property that was up for sale so I requested for available documents. A duly signed and sealed survey plan was sent to me showing that the land in question is a 2-standard plots backing one another (i.e. “18.3m x 73.2m” or “60ft x 240ft”) and it falls within one BANKOLE VILLAGE EXCISION. I was also told that the owner had signed a deed of assignment with the said family. This, I thought, is a good business and we sure will get a buyer for it in a short time. I need to visit the site so that I can begin to market it asap.

Gyan, my classmate as we fondly called him back then, wasn’t in town so he linked me up directly with the owner and we fixed an appointment to inspect the said property. On getting to site, I observed that the land had a frontage of about 3 meters less than what was on the survey plan given to me. At first, I thought it could have been an encroachment by the adjourning land owner but I decided to physically pick coordinates for further investigation.

It was revealed that the purportedly signed and sealed survey plan was in fact a FAKE!. The land is some few meters out of the known Bankole Village Excision and the owner was deceived into buying it thinking he was getting a piece of land with good title.

Fair enough,  the neighborhood is fully developed and occupied, so I advised the owners that they’ll need to go for regularization or sell off the land at a much lesser price to what he initially expected. Thank God for him, the area is not a committed acquisition.

Now listen carefully dear,  “that a survey is signed and sealed may not necessarily mean it’s not fake!“ How sure are you that the surveyor took a duty of care before signing the plan?

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