Before you buy your next property, do you know how you won't fall into scam?

Are you an individual home buyer or land investor ready to buy a home or land for yourself?

Are you a property developer or an organisation ready to buy bulk buildings or land expanse?

  • You want to buy property either from an estate developer, from an individual or from the Omo-Onile but you haven't realised that there are long tasks ahead of you.
  • You've probably seen buildings being demolished, land owners getting evicted and property buyers getting duped here and there…
  • Here's the truth.

    Perhaps you have concluded that it's because the victims didn't consult a lawyer and/or a surveyor?

    Anyone can fall victim of these losses irrespective of whether you are an individual, developer, organisation, professional or even realtor buying for your clients.

    The losses are due to issues like: Survey manipulation, C of O manipulation, fake Allocation, encumbered property, internal and external disputes, committed acquisition, property encroaching road, wrong uses, incomplete documentation, fake "title under processing", price extortion, building with defective structure, property that is susceptible to flooding, untruthful professionals, dubious agents, dubious developers, greedy Omo-Onile, property with multiple owners, not perfecting title on time, not taking immediate possession, etc

Now you're even worried about

  • Getting the right agent that won't extort you…
  • Ensuring you're not scammed is a hard task…
  • Buying from the right developer or individual that will guarantee your investments...
  • Knowing how you'll get a competent and truthful professional that will assure you of buying right…
  • Do you even know the kind of lawyers to consult for your property or do you think any lawyer can give you the right landed property search and advice?
  • Do you know that it's not every "surveyor" that knows about correlating the site with its documents?
  • Do you know that aside from getting the right lawyer and the right surveyor, there are other professionals that must also check before you pay?
  • How about the stress of going for many inspections, the worries of getting a trusted and ethical professional to represent you without their personal greed, the headache of the humongous documentation processes, the panic of transferring money to the wrong account especially now that property impersonation is on the rise.

This is why we are


At FloraHomes Global Consult Limited, we affirm our capacity to handle your property purchase transactions based on your specific needs at 100% fully strategized and executed on your behalf. Our property acquisition team is always available and ready to help prospective property buyers handle their property purchase from start to finish either land or building, within Estate or with Omo-Onile, for individual, estate developers or corporate large expanse rendered across different states in Nigeria. This involves full execution of the buyer task through all the 7 stages of property purchase: Sourcing, Verification, Valuation, Negotiation, Payment, Survey, and Documentation… all done at 100% on behalf of the client.



Agent Complete Property Buyer Service
1 Agents inform you of all the property sourced even if they are 20 in number. Agents inform us of all the property sourced, we carry out our first level verification on them and send you a report for only the verified shortlist.
2 You visit all sites with the agents. We first send you exterior drone-shot and interior videos of the verified properties and you can decide which one you want to visit or if we should go ahead with the next level verification.
3 You receive your reports verbally You receive your reports as written, pictorial and video format with professional advice on the advantages and disadvantages of each of the properties.
4 You struggle to get either a competent surveyor and/or lawyer for your verification after getting the property you want. We take the stress off you and we engage not just a land surveyor and a lawyer, we engage experienced property professionals such as Estate Surveyors, Land Surveyors, Property Lawyers, Town-Planners, Researchers, Civil Engineers, Investigative Journalists etc in order to ensure that nothing is left unchecked that could lead to unexpected losses.
5 You pay your agent after closing You pay a one time fee to us and we pay every agent we engage for the property sourcing.
6 Structural defects and flooding susceptibility not usually checked All quality checks carried out by construction professionals at no extra cost.
7 You pay every other professionals We take care of all our professionals through the same one time payment
8 You can only make your final decision when you visit site You have the opportunity to make your final decision in any location you might be.
9 You might face price extortion even through your most trusted people. There's no such thing happening as we carry out valuation and also meet directly with all who are involved to dig the truth and get the best price from the seller.
10 Your agent do not engage property value assessment nor negotiate on your behalf We do all these and more and we even refund change to our clients when there's extra.
11 You'll be looking for another lawyer to be drafting and executing your deed. Our experienced property lawyers will do that under our supervision without you saying anything and without any extra aside from how it's spelt out on this page.
12 You'll be looking for a qualified surveyor to do your survey. We already got you covered at 100% without stress.
13 You'll be concerned on how to perfect your title. We'll get all these done for you because it's part of the complete service.
14 You may worry about getting all your documents. We use DHL as a means of conveyance between us and you.

Can you see how you'll experience a 100% service delivery with just a 1 time payment of the professional fees that will be paid after the service is fully delivered?


Property Worth (Naira) Service Charge VIP Charge Bulk property purchasers and Off takers Legal
Less or equal to 500m 10% purchase price 15% purchase price

Service Charge open for negotiation.

5% overall purchase
500m - 1b 9% purchase price 13% purchase price
1b - 5b 8% purchase price 10% purchase price
Above 5b 7% 8%



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We are Nigeria's No. 1 Property Verification and Real Estate Investment company that gives professional end to end Real Estate and Property Development services across Nigeria through our experienced and ethical team of professionals which includes but not limited to; Land Surveyors, Estate Surveyors, Town Planners, Property Lawyers, Quantity Surveyors, Civil Engineers, Architects, Researchers. . .