Ibeju-Lekki Land Investment Gone Bad!!!

Ibeju-Lekki Land Investment Gone Bad!!!

Please, I strongly need your opinion on this.

Many people are losing money than making it in the “New Lagos” Real Estate Investment

In a bid to make new and existing Real Estate Investors know how to invest right and avoid the numerous scam issues, we started a series “Real Estate Real Story” to unveil what’s going on within the industry especially in the IBEJU-LEKKI investment arena.


Here, we don’t mention the companies that sold lands that are *not free*, neither do we mention the affected individuals.

We just put a random name of the victim but we don’t mention any developer company at all.

Now, we started a project titled ShineYourEye+InvestRight,  which is beyond mere story, I call it; UNVEILING THE TRUTH.

What we do here is: we choose a particular hot selling estate and pick their coordinates. It’s risky but we go there as buyers too and we use our devices immediately.

Then we’ll confirm the originality of the said land.

While some of these lands are genuine and safe, we find out that MANY are not free from government acquisition. In fact, just this morning, we discovered 2 of such popular estates fall within a COMMITTED GOVERNMENT ACQUISITION. (Please I won’t delve into explaining this now because that’s not why I’m writing…maybe later).

For your brief understanding of the consequence, It is an Unnegotiable Demolition which happens at anytime when government is ready to execute their project of public benefit and sometimes it happens many many years after you’ve bought it… when you might no longer be there. (Example is what happened a couple of years back in ALATISE, ibeju-lekki, and there are many examples.

All the structures there were bulldozed away.

The problem now is that we’re in a cross road between mentioning those specific estates to the unsuspecting public or not in order for them not to fall into regret.

Please what do you say? And can you please state your reasons.

We’re yet to publish any episode of this series, we just want to start publishing and that’s why your feedback is important.

God bless you as you bail me and my team out of this confusion.

Team FlorahomesGC


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Credit image: Phil Pustejovsky