About Us

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Our Story

Some years back, I was invited to complete a half project of which the former surveyor of the property have been severely duped the owner millions of naira by inflating, stealing and even using less quality materials on the project. I stepped in putting all my best and worked hard to make the project a success. But because of the experiences the project owner have had in the hand of Real Estate Personnels, he could hardly believe I didn’t cut corners like others when I demanded balance for the completed project.

After working in several popular and professional Real Estate Company, I have had the experience where a colleague handed a red copy survey of a land for a property to be sold to a client which i discovered the document was fake and doesn’t relate to the said parcel of land. “That’s no big deal, it happens like that when people want prices that impossible for a specific location, that’s what they get” – his response was a shock!.

That was when I realized how messed up Nigeria Real estate industry have become.

Whenever I hear of house demolition, property scam and claims; i see dishonesty, greed, and incompetence at work from a “trusted” Real Estate Personnel. I imagined the pain, depression and hope lost in the eyes of the victims that have struggled for investment security and then chattered in a blink of an eye.

It then struck me i needed to step in, build people of professionalism, excellence, accountability and integrity in order to stop further loss by innocent people and lead the Real Estate industry to innovation.

This was what made us start FloraHomesGC to provide 100% done-for-you Real Estate service that gives peace of landed investment.

Nurudeen Omotosho
MD, FloraHomesGC

Whenever I hear of house demolition, property scam and claims; i see dishonesty, greed, and incompetence at work from a “trusted” Real Estate Personnel.

Our Vision

Leading the way to Real Estate innovation in Africa and beyond.

Our Mission

To prevent Real Estate loses and give investors futuristic landed property investments in terms of verifying the property, acquiring it, documenting, designing, building and manage the property.


  • Providing 100% done-for-you real estate services to existing and aspiring property investors.
  • Verifying properties across locations and growing a Safe-To-Buy property data bank that every ready property investor can pick from.
  • Delivering simplified quality information to the mobile phones of every property investor using technology
  • Engaging in community and town planning that protect against life and property loss.
  • Engaging green architecture and green building that revitalizes every soul occupying the home.

Our Core Values

















Our Team

Our team comprises of Engineers, Lawyers, Town Planner, Land Surveyor, Architects, Accountant, Business Strategist and Marketing Experts