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FloraHomes Global Consult Limited

About the company

FloraHomes Global Consult Limited is a property verification and real estate investment company with a mission to prevent real estate losses. Our team of professionals include; Land Surveyors, Estate Surveyors, Town Planners, Quantity Surveyors, Architects, Civil Engineers, Property Lawyers, Researchers, etc
We provide specialized real estate and property development services including Verification, Negotiation, Property Purchase, Documentation, Survey, Valuation, Architectural Design, Building Construction, Property Management, Real Estate Investment Management as well as sales of its Estate properties throughout Nigeria.
We are a private limited liability company with RC number 1536444, and we're insured with one of the top ten Nigeria Insurance Company. To know more about us


Message From Our MD:

Some years back, I happened to be supervising a half project; half because I was only invited to complete the project together with some other existing labourers on site after the owner of this project found out he had been duped severely. Contrary to my professional practice as a project manager as well as a Real Estate Surveyor and Valuer, I saw labourers inflating the cost of materials, and even stealing from the materials supplied by the owner. I would go to the market to negotiate and get the best price for my client, remitting all available excess funds. I worked diligently to monitor and manage this project until completion. When I wanted to hand over this project to the owner, I was shocked with his response when he was about to pay me… Download Our Profile To Continue Reading and Know Why We Are Different Despite Many Fishes In The River

Our Vision

The Focal Point of Secure, Sterling & Seamless services in Real Estate and Property development.


Go through all of them first to see what fits your needs and pocket.

1) Basic Own-Earner Investment

    This is a type of Real Estate Unit Investment (REUI) that makes you a part owner of a property with a token while also affording you the opportunity to earn cash return irrespective of your income level or location.

    A standard plot of land is 60 by 120 ft, that is approximately 648 sqm. No matter what you have now, don't wait any further, start buying your own land slots starting from as little as 10 sqm and keep buying more either for building purpose or for reselling at a profit after maturity.

  • Unit slot: 1sqm of land
  • Amount/slot: N8000 {Estate: }
  • Minimum slot/Investor: 10 units (10 sqm of land) {N80,000}
  • Buy a minimum of 50 units (50 sqm of land) and get 1 extra unit.
  • Buy a minimum of 100 units (100 sqm of land) and get 4 extra units.
  • Buy a minimum of 150 units (150 sqm of land) and get 7 extra units plus instant Allocation.
  • Buy a minimum of 500 units (500sqm of land), and get 25 extra units plus instant Allocation.
  • Buy a minimum of 1000 units (1000 sqm of land), get 60 extra units, get instant Allocation, and become our Associate Partner {Check the FAQ on our investment page → to see the benefits}
  • To earn money through this investment, there are 2 ways:
    • Anytime you sell off some or all of your property units.
    • Through Own-earner reward. This is when you earn 10% commission any time you refer someone to buy Basic Own-Earner and Direct Estate Property investment options. This is optional. You still have your property stake appreciating in value whether you refer or not.
  • Whatever commission you earn through referral, you'll have both property and cash wallets: This 10% commission will be divided into 5 equal parts. 4 parts will be paid into the property wallets which will be used to acquire more property units until you fully own property while the remaining 1 part will be paid into your cash wallet which you can either withdraw for your personal use or send it to the property wallet to acquire more units.
  • To own more property units, it's either
    • By directly paying for more property units.
    • Through Own-Earner Reward (Please refer to 9b above).
  • Minimum duration before reselling: 2 years.
  • Full price of land, going rate and appreciation trend: As always seen on this page. Click here to start your journey into building your dream future

In 4 simple steps, join thousands of Nigerians home and abroad who are now earning cash while also owning their property stake.

  • Register
  • Make Payment
  • Activate your account
  • Watch your money grow

2) Executive Own-Earner Investment.

This is a type of Real Estate Unit Investment (REUI) that makes your money work for you, you earn 10-40% cash return annually for a period of 5 years and you'll still have property equivalent to your capital at the end of the 5 years. The available categories are N1m, N5m and N25m. While you may have invested in different commodities with amazing ROI, this is your insured opportunity to invest and earn direct cash return through real estate while simultaneously having your own property which you can either decide to sell off at any time, or use it for any other property investment options of your choice

3) Direct Estate Purchase

    This is when you buy your choice property from our available estates that guarantees you the opportunity to earn up to 15% annual rental income for life.
    Because we're sure of what we're giving you, you're very welcome to:

  • Bring your Surveyor to pick coordinates & check the status of our land.
  • To involve your Estate Surveyor or Property Lawyer to carry out search on the documents.
  • Bring your Town-planner to come and check if our property falls within any road allocation, road setbacks or any other violating uses that's contrary to what the government has approved.
  • You can close the transaction online, while we send you every necessary site detail and documents that'll enhance your searches.

When you make your purchase within the next 7 days, you have the following offers all to yourself:

  • You'll get all your title perfection, Survey, documentation, including your building permit approval done for free except for paying the government required fees.
  • Our construction team will help you with your building construction at a very discounted fee.
  • Our locations of investment are targeted at fast developing areas with high value appreciation. This is so that if you decide to sell your property at any time, it'll easily fly and the land would have appreciated between 10-40% per annum.
  • For installment payment, you pay a minimum of N1m and spread the remaining within 12 months.
  • If you're ready to build within 3 months of your purchase, you'll get a contemporary Architectural design of your choice together with complete working drawing for your permit processing, all for free.
  • Anytime you complete your building, if you choose to rent it out, we have prospects waiting to let your property almost immediately due to the fact that our locations are of the highest rental demands in Nigeria. You don't need to worry about how to get tenants or how to manage them, it's our professional duty.
  • If you buy from 6 plots upward, you'll be getting an unimaginable attractive negotiation.



Here, our company sell-off part of our land that we had acquired through sponsorship projects, direct purchase, partnership etc in order to serve the developer companies, organisations and other individuals looking to purchase large expanse of land either to be developed now or to be fenced and speculated upon as a land banker. Our professionals ensure that all our lands are free from road allocation, road setbacks, 3rd party claimants, wrong ownership, debts, Omo-Onile issue, government acquisition or any future demolition wahala.


Get a copy of our Time-Tested, 11 Step-by-Step Guide to Making ZERO MISTAKE When Buying Real Estate Anywhere In Nigeria.

This guide covers the exact steps on how to avoid property investment mistakes by yourself or when using professionals.

This 40 pages gem consists of the 11-point checklist you must cover to make a stress-free, wahala-free, argument-free, and court case-free property investment deal - EXACTLY what you need to do to build huge wealth in real estate. Available in both eCopy and hardcopy.

Price Ecopy- N7500, Hardcopy- N12,500


This is where our property acquisition team helps prospective property buyers handle their property purchase from start to finish either land or building, within Estate or with Omo-Onile, for individual or corporate large expanse across different states in Nigeria. This involves all the 7 stages of property purchase: Sourcing, Verification, Valuation, Negotiation, Payment, Survey, and Documentation.

Before you signify your interest, it's important to know that we do collect a refundable commitment fee of N100,000. As the name implies, it is refunded once the deal is closed. This helps us to streamline our efforts and time to satisfy our quality customers.


If you have seen a property you want to buy, JUST BEFORE YOU PAY FOR IT, or you already have an existing property, our Verification Service will help you by saving you from mental torture and financial loss that may arise from known or unknown property investment mistakes, either in the present or in the future. Our verification services which bring together our field landed property expert that help you know:

  • The status of any property you want to buy.
  • Dispute check
  • Document checks: for fake, incomplete or original document
  • Authenticate ownership
  • Check for government-approved uses
  • Check flooding susceptibility, and
  • Structural defects.
  • With this service, you will avoid demolition, 3rd party claimants, collapses, scams, and everything in between.


Our Design, Build and Manage team will give you tasteful, contemporary Architectural Designs as well as Building Construction works, (with approved property documentation and uses) finishing and management of the property . . . either you want to get all, at 100% done for you or you want a specific service.


Offering both existing and aspiring real estate investors the opportunity to get clarification and high-quality communication with our landed property investment experts… We offer premium advisory and demystify property matters regardless of its complexity at a token of N200,000 per hour. Extensive detailed training also available for groups, clubs, corporate, religious organizations, NGOs etc