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The Real Estate industry known to be the source of wealth for about 90% of the World’s richest people are now accounting for the highest rate of losses. This is usually due to a lack of knowledge of land verification and ownership processes.

Every day, we see innocent investors and individuals fall victim to landed property scam, demolition, third party claimant among others in the hands of Omonile, Realtors and sometimes Real Estate company.

FloraHomesGC was birthed to prevent these losses and give investors futuristic landed property investment; in terms of verifying properties, acquiring, documenting, designing, building and managing these properties.

We also educate the masses on the basis of real estate transaction for "peace of landed investment".

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Reasons People fall victims of Landed Property Losses and Scams.


Our Promise To You

  • Providing 100% done-for-you real estate services to existing and aspiring property investors.
  • Delivering simplified quality information to the mobile phones of every property investor using technology.
  • Engaging green architecture and green building that revitalizes every soul occupying the home.
FHGC Project Planning

10 Property Investment Checklist

Don't fall victim to landed property scam, demolition, third party claimant and other losses in Nigeria Real Estate.

Let our professionally tested checklist educate you on the steps to follow in acquiring itch-free landed property.


Services we Render

Verification Service

Save yourself from demolition, 3rd party claimant, and Scams by availing yourself of our verification service which brings together our field expert to help you know the status of the landed property you want to buy.

Design, Build & Manage

Let's build your desire!
Our Design, Build and Manage service brings together our building team (Architects, Quantity Surveyors, Town Planners, Builders, Civil Engineers, and others) to deploy their expertise...

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